Humble Beginnings of the Poster Girl

As an illustrator it is important for me to develop my illustrative skills in as many areas as possible. This means studying various forms of media and artwork forms.

After buying a book on fifties styled Pin Up art, I decided to teach myself how to illustrate in such a way, attempting capture that characteristically cheeky moment in an image.

Poster Girl

After many hours of studying the female form and understanding facial expressions, I decided to create my first piece of Pin Up art.

While researching the history of Pin Up Art and searching for photographs which could influence my work. I noticed there was and still is, a very small number of models with an ethnic background represented within this industry.

This would have been due to the fact, that racial hostility was worldwide very strong and perceptions of beauty were very restricted.

This observation prompted me to create not only an Afro Caribbean Pin Up, but also a story as to why the model is depicted in this manner.

Then came the brand name, this created the perfect scene of a young lady making a journey from Kingston, Jamaica in 1948 to Great Britain. Hence the brand name Windrush 48.

Being an illustrator by trade it always gives me great pleasure to keep creating new images.

Some posters will be designed as free Screensavers, others will be produced as high quality hand finished limited edition screen posters.


Check out the visually illustrated inception of Windrush 48 below


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